About Superior Point

Who we are

Superior Point is the servicing carrier of the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Assigned Risk Plan (MWCARP). The MWCARP provides workers’ comp and employers’ liability coverage for Minnesota employers who have been unable to get coverage through the voluntary insurance market.

We manage claims, conduct annual premium audits, help prevent injuries and collect premium payments for MWCARP policies.

Until July of 2018, we were known as SFM Risk Solutions.

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About workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage provides wage-replacement and medical benefits to employees who are injured at work.

As a Minnesota employer, you are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance if you have at least one employee. It provides protection you need as an employer, because an accident can happen when you least expect it. Just one injury can cause an employee to be out of work for months, leading to serious financial hardship.

Since fault does not matter when it comes to workplace injuries, you may be responsible for an employee injured on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your business from a lawsuit, and protect your employees from loss of income.

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